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Timely response and quote followed up by same day service. Exceptional professionalism, thank you very much
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Took less than 2 hours from the time I enquired to when my old spa was gone. Very impressive.
Geoff - Verified Google review
Richie was great with his communication and was on time. he even cleaned up after removing the rubbish from our place. I will definately use his help again if needed.
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Awesome service & nice people 👍🏼
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Great experience/professional/ontime/highly recommend.
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With years of experience, we have become experts at helping our clients prepare their properties for new tenants with an exceptions end of lease rubbish removal service. We can remove any unwanted items from your property, including:

  • Old pieces of furniture like couches, tables and chairs
  • Whitegoods and appliances no longer in working condition
  • Broken electronics
  • Excess garden waste and overgrown plants
  • Any other clutter or rubbish that has accumulated

Once the end of lease rubbish removal is complete, we will sweep up debris leaving the place neat ready for the cleaners. Our yard clean up service includes raking leaves, and  hauling away garden waste.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any large items or excess rubbish that needs to be removed before or after vacating your rental property. We provide a professional, affordable and hassle-free service so you can move on to your next chapter smoothly and confidently.

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Why Hire Us For End of Lease Rubbish Removal?

There are many benefits to hiring the experts at Rubbish Removal Newcastle for your end of lease cleaning needs. Our team has years of experience providing efficient, affordable yard and home clearances after a lease ends. We can help:

  • Remove all unwanted rubbish and debris. We will haul away old furniture, appliances, boxes, and any other unwanted items you need disposed of.

  • Clean out hard to reach areas. We have the tools and equipment to remove debris from garages, sheds, crawl spaces, and other hard to reach areas of your property.

  • Save you time and hassle. Arranging and completing an end of lease cleanout can be a daunting and time-consuming task. We take care of everything efficiently so you can move on to your next home hassle-free.

  • Ensure all debris and rubbish is gone. We will provide before and after photos as well as a signed document stating your property has been cleared, helping ensure you get your full bond back.

Let our professional team at Rubbish Removal Newcastle handle your end of lease clean out.

Services Provided By Rubbish Removal Newcastle

We provide a range of services to assist with end of lease cleaning needs:

  • House rubbish removal – We will remove all unwanted items from your home including furniture, appliances, boxes and bags of trash.

  • Yard waste removal – We can haul away excess yard waste like tree branches, leaves, grass clippings and garden debris.

  • Electronic waste recycling – We will properly recycle old electronics like TVs, computers and printers to ensure they don’t end up in landfills.

  • Mattress and couch removal – Our team can remove and recycle old mattresses, couches and upholstered furniture.

  • Appliance removal – We will remove and dispose of large appliances like washing machines, dryers and refrigerators.

  • Construction waste removal – For renovation or building project leftovers, we can remove excess timber, concrete, bricks and other materials.

Let us know how we can assist with your end of lease clearance needs. Our friendly team aims to provide a fast, affordable and hassle-free solution so you can move on to the next chapter!

Benefits of Using Professionals For End of Lease Clearout

  • Bond inspection readiness. After our professional clean, your property will be in move-in condition, giving you peace of mind that you’ve met your obligations and given yourself the best chance of getting your full bond back.

  • Time savings. By hiring professionals to handle the end of lease clearance, you save time and stress that you can spend on more important things like packing, organizing your move and preparing for your next home.

  • Attention to detail. Our team takes pride in providing an impeccable clean and will double check that no task has been overlooked. We aim to identify and resolve any potential issues that could cause deductions from your bond.

Getting a Full Refund of Your Bond

To get a full refund of your rental bond, it’s important to return the property to its original state at the end of your tenancy. This means ensuring the property is thoroughly cleaned and any damage is repaired. Hiring professional end of lease cleaners like Rubbish Removal Newcastle can greatly increase your chances of a full bond refund. Some tips to maximise your bond refund include:

  • Have the property professionally cleaned (we dont currently provide this service). Make sure all floors, walls, windows, appliances, fixtures and fittings are thoroughly cleaned. Get carpets and curtains professionally cleaned.

  • Repair any damage. Fix holes in walls, replace broken fixtures, repaint scratched or marked walls.

  • Remove all rubbish and belongings. The property should be left exactly how you received it – empty of your possessions and waste.

  • Deep clean hard to reach areas. Make sure ceiling fans, light fittings, air vents and exhaust fans are dust free. Clean behind and under appliances.

  • Take photos. Take before and after photos to demonstrate the condition you returned the property in. This can support your case if the owner claims further damage or cleaning is required.

  • Have the professional cleaners provide a bond cleaning report. This is evidence that the property was left in a clean and undamaged state.

By following these steps and hiring the right professionals, you’ll give yourself the best chance at a full refund of your bond at the end of your lease.

Common Questions

Most Popular Questions

We basically take anything except paint, chemicals and asbestos. One some occasions we may not take odd items like if you had a large boat or trailer, but dont be afraid to ask us becuase we have in the past!

This means we will take: old furniture, appliances, sheets and material, green waste, timber, household junk.

We differ significantly from our competitors. Primarily, we value integrity above all else...we never fail to meet our commitments. We adhere to traditional values yet embrace innovative ideas. We always fulfill our promises and meet or exceed expectations. We never overpromise.

Additionally, we search for ways to save you money whenever feasible. We consider weight in addition to volume to reduce costs.

We do not sell any items you want to discard. If you wish to sell some items, we are happy to offer options and advice.

We are also not a "load and dump" business. We differ from other companies in that we sort materials within our trucks and at landfills to recycle as many items as possible. This saves money for everyone and benefits the environment.

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