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Took less than 2 hours from the time I enquired to when my old spa was gone. Very impressive.
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Richie was great with his communication and was on time. he even cleaned up after removing the rubbish from our place. I will definately use his help again if needed.
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Clearing out your old junk and rubbish can help declutter your garage and home, making it feel more spacious and organised. Old pieces of timber, tools and other unused items can accumulate over time and just end up taking up space. By removing these items, you can:

  • Free up valuable storage space for things you actually need and use.
  • Reduce hazards and trip risks from overcrowding.
  • Increase the aesthetic appeal and organisation of your garage.

So if you’re ready for a garage cleaning service to finally clear out that old junk from your garage, contact Rubbish Removal Newcastle specialists today. Our team provide garage clearouts and cleanups that are second to none! We help remove all your unwanted items in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. We’ll have your garage tidy and organised in no time!

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Items we can dispose from your garage

1. Old Tools

Old tools can often be a source of clutter in your garage. Over the years, you may have accumulated tools that are no longer used or are broken. Here are some tips for disposing of old tools from your garage:

• Donate usable tools: If you have any tools that are still in working condition, consider donating them to charity organizations such as Men’s Shed. Many charities accept tool donations that can be reused by others. You’ll be able to clear out the clutter while also helping a good cause.

• Recycle metal tools: Most metal tools can be recycled. Common items like wrenches, pliers and hammers can be taken to a metal recycling center. You’ll earn a small amount of money from recycling the metal which can offset the cost of your garage cleanout.

• Dispose of broken tools: For tools that are broken beyond repair, your best option is to dispose of them in your household waste collection. Broken tools should be placed in a garbage bag to prevent any sharp edges from causing injury.

• Sell valuable tools: Before disposing of any tools, check if they have any resale value. You may be able to sell high-end power tools or specialty items online through sites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. This can help offset the overall costs of your cleanout.

So don’t hesitate to remove old, unused tools during your garage cleanout. There are various sustainable and safe ways to dispose of tools while also potentially earning you some money to put towards the cost of the cleanout. Get in touch if you need help removing all your old rubbish and junk from your garage.

2. Old Furniture Rubbish Removal

For large bulky items you cant move you’ll want to use an efficient garage cleaning service like Rubbish Removal Newcastle. When large items like old furniture, appliances and other bulky rubbish can take up valuable space in your garage, you’ll want to properly dispose of these bulky items. Our rubbish removal experts can help with removing and recycling all of your large rubbish items:

• Furniture: Old couches, chairs, tables and cabinets are common bulky items in garages. We can remove all types of old and unwanted furniture from your garage.

• Appliances: Large appliances like washing machines, dryers, fridges and freezers often end up in garages. We can remove these items, arranging for proper recycling of metal parts and safe disposal of other materials.

• Mattresses and box springs: Old mattresses and box springs are large, unwieldy items that are difficult for homeowners to dispose of themselves. We provide mattress and box spring removal as part of our rubbish removal services.

• Outdoor items: Lawn mowers, BBQs, tyres and other outdoor items often accumulate in garages over time. We can remove and properly dispose of all your outdoor rubbish items as part of our garage cleanout services (although tyres may be additional cost)

3. Getting Rid of Old Timber and Wood Pieces

Along with tools and appliances, old timber and wood pieces are another common form of rubbish that accumulates in garages. Who doesnt like to hoard pieces of timber!? Whether they’re broken pieces of furniture, leftover wood from projects or just scrap wood, getting rid of old timber and wood can help declutter your garage. Here are some suggestions:

• Donate reusable wood. If you have any intact or repairable wood pieces, consider donating them to reuse centers, craft stores or community groups. Reusable wood can be used for art projects, crafts, repairs and more.

• Recycle wood waste. Most recycling centers and rubbish removal services will accept small amounts of wood waste for recycling. Nails and screws can be removed and recycled separately.

• Hire a rubbish removal service. For large amounts of wood pieces, hiring a rubbish removal company like Rubbish removal Newcastle can make the job easier. They can efficiently load, transport and dispose of all your old timber and wood waste.

• Compost or mulch wood. Some types of untreated and unpainted wood, like pallets, can be composted or used as mulch in your garden. This is a sustainable way to reuse some wood pieces.

Expert Advice on What Items Can Be Recycled

Many items accumulate in garages that can be recycled rather than thrown away. As a leading rubbish removal service, here are some of the most common items we recommend recycling from garage cleanouts:

• Metal items: Anything made of steel, aluminum or other metals should be recycled. This includes appliances, tools, outdoor furniture and more. Simply separate metal items for recycling and they can be taken away and recycled by a rubbish removal service.

• Cardboard and paper: Boxes, packaging materials, newspapers and other paper and cardboard quickly pile up in garages. Be sure to break down and bundle cardboard for easy recycling.

• Plastic containers: Thoroughly rinse and sort plastic bottles, containers, buckets and other rigid plastic items for recycling. Many waste management services now accept #1 and #2 plastics for recycling.

• Batteries: All types of batteries, including rechargeable and vehicle batteries, contain materials that should be recycled rather than disposed of in landfills. Place used batteries in a sealed bag for recycling.

• Electronic waste: Computers, TVs, cellphones and other e-waste contain valuable metals and materials that can be recovered through recycling. Most e-waste should not be disposed of in regular rubbish bins.

By identifying and separating recyclable items before your garage cleanout, you can maximize the amount of material that is diverted from landfills. A rubbish removal service like Rubbish Removal Newcastle can assist by collecting and transporting sorted loads and reduce your costs.

Common Questions

Most Popular Questions

We basically take anything except paint, chemicals and asbestos. One some occasions we may not take odd items like if you had a large boat or trailer, but dont be afraid to ask us becuase we have in the past!

This means we will take: old furniture, appliances, sheets and material, green waste, timber, household junk.

We differ significantly from our competitors. Primarily, we value integrity above all else...we never fail to meet our commitments. We adhere to traditional values yet embrace innovative ideas. We always fulfill our promises and meet or exceed expectations. We never overpromise.

Additionally, we search for ways to save you money whenever feasible. We consider weight in addition to volume to reduce costs.

We do not sell any items you want to discard. If you wish to sell some items, we are happy to offer options and advice.

We are also not a "load and dump" business. We differ from other companies in that we sort materials within our trucks and at landfills to recycle as many items as possible. This saves money for everyone and benefits the environment.

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