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Timely response and quote followed up by same day service. Exceptional professionalism, thank you very much
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Took less than 2 hours from the time I enquired to when my old spa was gone. Very impressive.
Geoff - Verified Google review
Richie was great with his communication and was on time. he even cleaned up after removing the rubbish from our place. I will definately use his help again if needed.
Puneet - Verified Hipages Customer
Awesome service & nice people 👍🏼
Hayden - Verified Google review
Great experience/professional/ontime/highly recommend.
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Richie was quick, reliable and at the right price.
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Rubbish Removal Newcastle understands the complexities of hoarder cleanups, often involving collections accumulated over years without family members’ knowledge. Hoarding situations can arise for a variety of reasons, but whatever reason exists is not important to us. What matters is geting the place cleared in a responsible manner.

We provide an efficient and reliable hoarder cleanup service for hoarder jobs. Our team has been performing hoarder cleanups for over 15 years. We recognize how sensitive and emotionally charged these situations can be, for both the hoarder and concerned family members.

Our approach is tailored to the unique circumstances of each situation. We listen carefully and communicate respectfully with all parties involved. Safety is our top priority, and we have the skills and equipment to properly manage large volumes of clutter, waste and debris.

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 We are different to other companies in that we have a system that helps you save money. We dont charge exclusively by volume. We integrate other factors and then calculate a price that benefits you. Find out how!

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 Our careful blokes work quickly and wont leave a mess or damage

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 15+ years in this business has taught us that being reliable and friendly is the most important attribute.

Types of Hoarder Rubbish We Take Away

Hoarder rubbish can vary significantly in size, from just a few small things to entire houses and backyards loaded with rubbish. The items also vary from just the collection of 1 item (like bikes for example) to multiple items. We will take away basically anything, including

  1. General household waste

  2. Furniture and appliances

  3. Electronics and electrical items

  4. Construction and demolition debris

  5. Yard waste and land clearing debris

  6. Mattresses and bases

Respecting Privacy and Boundaries

We understand that hoarding situations involve deeply personal and private circumstances. We respect the privacy of all individuals involved and do our best to maintain appropriate boundaries.

When performing the hoarder cleanups service, we will:

  • Keep conversations focused on the task at hand and avoid intrusive questions

  • Limit our access to only the areas necessary to complete the work

  • Ensure all personal documents, photos and personal effects are handled with sensitivity and discretion

  • Secure any sensitive materials from public view before transporting debris offsite

Our team has received training on how to conduct ourselves professionally and compassionately in these unique situations. We know hoarding can involve mental health issues, so we avoid being judgmental and instead focus on providing a helpful service in a dignified manner.

By respecting privacy and maintaining appropriate boundaries, we hope to minimize any discomfort during the cleanup process. Our main objective is to make the experience as easy and stress-free as possible for all involved.

Discretion and Confidentiality

We maintain strict discretion and confidentiality regarding the specifics of each hoarding situation. All details we learn during the course of a hoarder cleanup service remain strictly between our team and the client. We do not discuss clients or jobs publicly or with outside parties.

Any documents, photographs or other materials we encounter are handled with the utmost care and sensitivity. 

Maintaining confidentiality is essential to building a relationship of trust with clients who may already feel stigmatized or embarrassed by their hoarding behaviors. We provide assurances that any information shared with us remains within our team and is not disclosed or discussed elsewhere.

Our commitment to discretion and confidentiality allows clients to feel more at ease and comfortable throughout the cleanup process. We strive to provide a safe, judgment-free space where clients’ privacy and dignity are of the utmost importance.

Overview of Our Process

Initial Contact

We will make initial contact with you via phone or email to discuss your needs and expectations for the removal. We aim to set you at ease and determine how we can best assist you during this difficult time.

Quoting Your Job

If we cannot quote over the phone (which is often difficult for deceased estate jobs), we will arrange a time to meet you in person and be shown the rubbish to dispose. We will then provide you a verbal and written (if requested) quote.

Setting Expectations

We will explain our process, policies and pricing in a clear and transparent manner to ensure there are no surprises on removal day.

Flexible Timing

We understand you have other priorities during this difficult time. We will be flexible and accommodate your schedule as needed.

Our Arrival And Assessment

Upon arriving, our crew will greet you in a respectful manner.

Respectful And Sensitive Approach

Our team will treat your property and the belongings inside with the utmost care, respect and sensitivity.

Identifying Items For Removal

We will only remove the specific items you indicate, leaving all others untouched.

The Removal Process

Minimizing Disruption

We aim to be efficient during the removal to minimize disruption to you and your family.

Safety And Care For Valuables

We will handle all items with great care, paying special attention to valuables and sentimental belongings.

After The Removal

Confirming Successful Completion

We will confirm that we removed all agreed upon items and leave your property exactly as we found it.

Following Up And Answering Questions

We are available after the removal to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have.

Please call our team today to discuss your specific needs. We are here to help relieve some of the burdens during this difficult time.

Common Questions

Most Popular Questions

We basically take anything except paint, chemicals and asbestos. One some occasions we may not take odd items like if you had a large boat or trailer, but dont be afraid to ask us becuase we have in the past!

This means we will take: old furniture, appliances, sheets and material, green waste, timber, household junk.

We differ significantly from our competitors. Primarily, we value integrity above all else...we never fail to meet our commitments. We adhere to traditional values yet embrace innovative ideas. We always fulfill our promises and meet or exceed expectations. We never overpromise.

Additionally, we search for ways to save you money whenever feasible. We consider weight in addition to volume to reduce costs.

We do not sell any items you want to discard. If you wish to sell some items, we are happy to offer options and advice.

We are also not a "load and dump" business. We differ from other companies in that we sort materials within our trucks and at landfills to recycle as many items as possible. This saves money for everyone and benefits the environment.

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